Your Best Season Yet.

We'll create a game plan that fits your life and your race goals.
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Truly Individualized

You have unique strengths, weaknesses and overall goals that all factor into your overall success. That's why we really pride ourselves on putting together 100% individualized packages that deliver just what you need to have your best season yet. To do that, we offer various levels of coaching to fit your budget as well as additional performance services to really dial you in.

Training Plans

Dial in the details of your whole season with the guidance of an experienced coach. No cookie cutters here. Our plans are tailored to fit your specific needs and lifestyle.


Basic Premium Ultimate
Money Back Guarantee  
Start-Up Interview/Consultation    
Goal Planning      
Individualized Plan Tailored to your Needs      
TrainingPeaks Premium Athlete Edition  +$19.95/month +$19.95/month  
Nutritional Analysis/Consultation  +$49/month  +$49/month  
Communication Frequency (Per Month) 1 phone call and 2 emails 1 call and 4 emails Unlimited
Training Schedules Posted Monthly Monthly Monthly
Training Schedule Updates Monthly Weekly Unlimited
HR/Power/GPS File Review None Weekly Unlimited
Pricing $99/month plus $99 start-up fee $149/month plus $99 start-up fee $299/month plus $99 start-up fee

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Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your coach in the first 90 days, we will match you with another coach or refund your money.

Start-Up Interview/Consultation

Before getting started your coach will contact you to talk about your athletic history, experience, training availability, work and family responsibilities, and more.

Goal Planning

You will work with your coach to set appropriate goals for the season.

Individualized Plan

Workout schedules will individually tailored to your needs and athletic goals.

Premium Athlete Edition

Premium Edition includes access to workout charts, data file analysis, advanced metrics, and more, a $19.95/month value. Learn More.

Communication Frequency

This determines how often you can contact your coach regarding workout questions or other matters.

Training Schedules Posted

Workouts will be made available for you to see on a weekly (Ultimate) or monthly (Premium) basis depending on the coaching level chosen.

Training Schedule Updates

Your coach will make the allotted number of changes to your workout schedule once it has been posted to your calendar.

HR/Power/GPS file review

Your coach will review and analyze your data files on an unlimited (Ultimate) or weekly (Premium) basis or and provide feedback and suggestions as needed.

Nutritional Analysis & Consultation

Work with your coach to dial in your daily and race-day nutrition to optimize performance and body composition.

**Just looking for a simpler program with a one-time payment? We offer that also! Please feel free to email me at [email protected] and I will quote you a cost based on your desired program.**

1-on-1 Coaching

Need to work specifically on an area? No problem! We are happy to help with sessions specifically dedicated to swimming, cycling, running, strength and nutrition. Need several sessions? Grab a package from below and save some money!

1 Session: $45

5 Sessions ($43/session): $215

10 Sessions ($40/session): $400

15 Sessions ($37.67/session): $565

20 Sessions ($35/session): $700

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1 Session: $35

5 Sessions ($32/session): $160

10 Sessions ($30/session): $300

15 Sessions ($28/session): $420

20 Sessions ($26.25/session): $525

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1 Session: $25

5 Sessions ($23/session): $115

10 Sessions ($21/session): $210

15 Sessions ($20/session): $300

20 Sessions ($18.75/session): $375

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iPad Video Analysis

Video Analysis

Slow it down. Zoom it in. Get it just right. Our video analysis will ensure you are ready to go as fast as possible come race day. Video analysis consist of two parts: capturing the video and slow motion analysis which we share privately with you on Youtube upon compilation.

Cost: $65

"The new bike fit feels great and I am about as fast over 20, and 30 miles now, in my winter fat stage, as I was at peak last year. Thank you!"

-Jacob S.

Bike Fitting

You invested in a great bike, now make sure you are as comfortable and powerful as possible with a quality bike fit. Our methodology begins by examining the rider's build, flexibility and mobility. Using information from this assessment we then set up the bike, get you on it and dial it in even further. The whole process is very thorough and typically lasts around two hours.

Cost: $ 175 - includes follow-up session 60-90 days from initial fit + a copy of the video analysis from the fit.



Do You Cover Nutrition?

Yes! We sure do. Addressing your nutrition, whether you are just trying lose weight, gain muscle or perform at your limits, is absolutely critical. When your approach your diet with the same intensity that you bring to exercise you will see better results.

That’s why we use the Precision Nutrition materials and coaching methods with our clients. You can learn all about that over on our nutrition page.