I am so thankful to be working with Coach Shawn at Rare Air Fitness! Shawn is a fantastic coach. I am new to triathlon, coming from a running background, and completely new to cycling and swimming. Shawn is so knowledgeable about all three disciplines. I’ve been working with him for just about five months, and I’ve already seen a lot of improvement. He is knowledgeable and thoughtful, and will construct a plan that is personalized to meet your goals. He goes beyond prescribing workouts and creates holistic plans that address both the physical and mental aspects of the sport. He is patient and supportive, and he has encouraged me to work hard and aim for big goals. Shawn has an obvious passion for triathlon, and he is enthusiastic and unfailingly positive in his attitude and approach.
Diane B.
It is rare that you find a coach that gives all of himself to his clients at any level--Shawn is amazing at this! He definitely pushes you to your limits, then celebrate your accomplishments right alongside of you!! He has such an amazing base of knowledge --constantly sharing and growing me to be my best--my favorite thing about Shawn is that he lives the same excellence he tries to create in me --and believe me I am a challenge! I started this journey not knowing how to bike or swim….I never thought I would say this but… I can't wait to face my first TRI..... Shawn is an excellent coach "do a little better than yesterday, do it again tomorrow… Repeat"! I am grateful for rare air fitness and thankful Shawn agreed to be my coach! Can't wait to see what this next year will bring!!
Jill W.
I just finished my first half-ironman triathlon in Muncie, Indiana and I wouldn't have been able to do it without the program, professional knowledge and advice from Shawn at Rare Air Fitness. Great trainer and coach. Money well spent.
Erik M.
If your want REAL results Coach Shawn will get you where you want to be. He has coached me mentally and physically to where I want to be on race day. Shawn has been extremely helpful with detailed workouts and explaining what it takes to reach your goals. Most importantly, Shawn has worked around my busy schedule to plan the workouts on what days work best for me. I have exceeded my fitness and health goals with Shawn's guidance.
Jordon A.
2012 was a year of disappointment. It was a year spent battling injuries and ultimately ended with surgery. Despite hard work and lots of training, I was unable to meet personal goals I had set for myself. Not wanting to continue on the path I was on, I went looking for a trainer. Luckily, I found Rare Air Fitness and Shawn Gerber. Shawn has been a wonderful coach!!! In the 2 years I've spent with Shawn, I have managed to achieve every goal I set out to conquer. Most importantly, he has helped me reach my goals injury free.Shawn is a sensitive coach who is excellent at tailoring a training plan specific to the athlete so they can be competitive. Thank you, Shawn!!!
Lisa K.